Chairman's Message  
Dear Professional Colleagues,

"A true leader is the one who is always ready to learn & not just govern"

Life is always about what we have, not what we are missing. Life is about progression and not regression. The more we live in the present, the more we are conscious about things happening around us and the more we enjoy this journey called life.

Friends, the month of April'22 was yet another eventful month more so from the angle that we at Nagpur Branch continued with our initiatives for the benefit of members and students. It was a month of Statutory Bank Audits wherein members had been occupied in their annual bank audit engagement and this time after a gap of two years it was a physical interlude. During this month, Nagpur Branch had the privilege of hosting virtual campus placement program for newly qualified CAs and wherein 14 recruiters had shortlisted 44 candidates which was the highest ever recruitment from Nagpur Branch. Further there were a plethora of Programs such as a Panel Discussion - Just Before Bank Branch Audit, Webinar on Untold Leadership, Lecture Meet on Accounting and Auditing Under CSR, Seminar on Tally and Automated Financial Statements. I thank various members who had contributed as a speaker in the aforementioned bank audit panel discussion program namely CA. Yash Verma, CA. Sachin Luthra, CA. Ashish Badge, CA. Prashant Banthia & CA. Govind Batra. Further wish to thank other contributors namely Pujya Gyanvatsal Swamiji, CA. Charmi Shah (Mumbai), CA. Pankaj Deshpande & CA. Niranjan Oak for their time they had spared and helped us in organising these seminars.

Further the branch had hosted a Full Day Seminar on Direct Taxes in the virtual presence of CA C.V. Chitale and CA. Raj Chawla, Chairman & Vice Chairman respectively of the Direct Taxes Committee, New Delhi. The speakers for the seminar were CA. Aseem Chawla, New Delhi, CA. Sunil Garg, New Delhi & CA. Pranav Ashtikar, Nagpur who had contributed exceedingly well and done full justice to their topics.

Furthermore, on the member's front, as goes the tradition of the Nagpur Branch we had formed a Bank Branch Audit Helpdesk involving 30 CA members who had resolved queries on various practical aspects of bank branch audit engagement even while performing their own audits which was a real selfless payback to the profession.

On the social front, we at Nagpur Branch had organised an Awareness Meet on Traffic Noise at NEERI Nagpur jointly with an NGO - Jan Aakrosh which we felt would create awareness amongst our members and students about noise pollution. This demon of noise pollution which can be controlled by taking the first step of understanding its gravity and having consciousness of the harm it creates in our lifestyles.

On the students' front, there were a slew of activities such as Mock Test Series, Elocution Contest, Swimming Competition, Exam Neeti, One Day Revisionary, Etc. I congratulate WICASA Chairperson CA Deepak Jethwani along with his entire team of WICASA Committee Members – Prajakta Gupta, Anushka Ringangaokar, Aanchal Dubey, Kalash Gajrani, Shreya Pokle, Riddhi Dhuvavia & Parth Shukla for taking tireless efforts to organise these events.

I wish to thank the various contributors of this edition of the Newsletter, starting from CA Naresh Jakhotiya for a joint editorial message, followed by various other contributors of articles on professional enrichment namely CA. Bhavesh Mittal, CA. Venkat Prasad, CA. Milan Rupchandani, CA. Saurabh Malpani & CA. Kalpesh Shah. Further thanks to CA. Reena Agrawal & CA. Renuka Borole for their contribution in terms of Poems & Paintings respectively.

As conveyed in the last edition, I wish to share some excerpts from the ongoing Leadership Series – 9 Legendary Lessons from the life of Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj with all the readers. The series which started on 21st April had a fantastic start in the form of orientation session where Pujya Atmatrupt Swamiji (Principal of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanskrit Vidyalaya) explained on what to expect from this course. He explained in detail how the leadership skills will be developed with this course. His mantra of the session was – Well Begun is Half Done. He also elaborated that a leader is someone who never establishes authority but someone who becomes a leader naturally and that is what this course intends to do.

The week that started with 25th April 2022, was the first one wherein the first video of the series was loaded on the EduCloud App. The title of this video was ‘Reaching People’s Heart’ wherein Speaker of the Session was Pujya Adarshjivan Swami a Scholarly Saint from BAPS who conveyed the message very clearly that a leader is someone who cares about the people around him. He is the one who touches people’s hearts in such a manner that people support him in all his initiatives effortlessly. He established his point by sharing various examples from the life of Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj. He shared that a leader despite keeping his goals at the forefront still does not miss to manage the people. He finally stressed upon this statement that the word management begins with the word ‘Man’.

Friends, the course in the first week had a guest interview of Mr. Vyomesh Joshi (International Business Leader & Former Executive VP of HP) who shared his journey of life and how he learnt from Pramukh Swamiji that leaders are not the ones who take credit of whatever good that happens. But they are the ones who believe in giving credit to their team members and taking onus of whatever goes wrong in a project on themselves.

The series has been running extremely well and I hope that the members who have subscribed to the same are taking utmost benefit. The best part of the sessions is that they are placed in a mobile app which can be viewed at leisure anytime any day. Furthermore, there is a Quiz after each session which takes stock of the learnings and makes the participant understand if there is anything that he / she has missed to absorb appropriately. There is a lot in the series that I can narrate but I will not be able to justify everything here. Yet, I will keep sharing more on the series in the next editions. Till then Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

Professionally Yours

CA. Jitendra Saglani
Chairman - Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI

CA. Jitendra Saglani - Chairman
Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI