Chairman's Message  
My Dear Professional Colleagues


Doing “Namaste” is the new craze of 2020. It is how we greet these days.

My Strong Belief – Supported by Inspiring Past

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”
– Joseph Campbell

I am sure, we never imagined even in our worst dream that the world will be on the verge of this pandemic? The quote, encourages us to turn the crisis into an opportunity to discover our 'deeper powers'. Even, in one way or the other, we might be actually doing it, even subconsciously.

The pandemic has pushed us into maintaining social distancing, but the challenge is also to remain hyper-connected via the internet and isolate COVID-19.With this being the scenario, let me acknowledge that, Nagpur Branch of ICAI, ensured to serve the members and students to the best extent possible in the month of May 2020. Webinars and VCMs during the month got satisfying response, to lend feelings of satisfaction to the Team Nagpur. Words of wisdom and guidance by very renowned friends in profession including CA Amarjit Chopra, Hon. Past President, ICAI, CA S. P. Tulsian, CA Nihar Jambusaria, Hon. Vice President, ICAI, have effectively added to the wealth of knowledge base of members.

Also to convey that, now out of 20 hours Structured CPE hours which is mandatory to be completed by Members below 60 years holding COP, in each calendar year, 10 Structured CPE hours could be granted through online mode (either through Digital Learning Hub or through above Virtual CPE meetings), including mandatory CPE hours on “Code of ethics” and “Standard on auditing”) till 30th June, 2020.

Action and Adaptability create opportunity
“To adapt is to move ahead.” Byron Pulsifer

This is the best time to reflect on repositioning your business not just to survive, but to thrive in this new world !

Interactions with members in the last month, gave clear idea about the increasing realization about the need of Automation and Ensuring Office Working at all times.

With this valuable feedback, VCM on Office Automation on 31st May, was very satisfying venture, to serve the fraternity. Lot of discussions and sharing of feedbacks of members of Nagpur, enabled the presentations, very useful for members. CA Murtuza Kanchwala, Secretary, WIRC, took great efforts to ensure effective VCM on this crucial topic.

To deal with the testing times, ICAI for the first time ever, initiated delivery of Certificate courses in online mode, for the Members process to reactivate membership, if fees was not paid, was allowed till 31st May 2020, for retrospective restoration, with the intention to help in the matter of transformation of remote working by CA firms Initiated the process of “Virtual Firm Manual”, launched DCMM 2.0, a selfassessment tool for CA Firms to gauge their Digital Readiness.

Investment in Knowledge, always pays best interest
Nagpur Branch of ICAI, well inspired by the quote of Benjamin Franklin, tried every bit to ensure that our members continue to find effective VCMs to stay updated always. As now, lockdown phase is bound to end with expectation of due precautions for few months still, we need to get duly directed by the knowledge we gathered through webinars, etc., to the extent it suits and is possible. It is being said that, this phase and the knowledge updation that we are able to do effectively, is going to give a considerable change in our life styles and we have to play a pivotal role to overcome from such situation not only on personal front but also for our clients and society.

On Forthcoming Front
Yes, now the lock down phase is going to be over, even though in phased manner. Ensuring effective Office Working, probably with new methodologies, to reasonably take care of such contingencies, needs to be addressed on priority.

Social gatherings are still not going to be allowed for few months, as is being in news at present. Hence, with continued commitment to serve, VCMs with topics of relevance including GST, Opportunities in Profession, Wills and Nomination, Yoga Session on Intl. Yoga Day, etc. are being considered for various VCMs in this month of June. Also Refresher Courses are being planned.

Sincere Wishes
This is to take opportunity to wish for ourselves, to effectively revive and even bounce back in our professional lives, at the earliest possible. We must keep in mind that the threat of COVID is not yet over. But we know how to deal with the same by ensuring sanitization, masks, social distancing, etc., to stay safe & healthy.

I remain.

CHAIRMAN - Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI

Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI