Chairman's Message  
Dear Professional Brethren,

"Great men do not waste time on counting their accomplishments, they simply keep going and that is what makes them great"
- unknown

Friends, I feel privilege that I get a chance to share and convey my thoughts to you all through this branch newsletter. I sincerely hope that the purpose of this communique is served as it will add value to your thrust for reading good knowledge-oriented articles which we as a team at Nagpur branch have compiled for the members at large.

The month of June 22 had been a busy month when it comes to events, activities, webinars and programs that were held at your Nagpur branch. We took forward the baton and tried our best to host and organise programs which would not only enrich members and students on professional front but will also help them to strike a balance on the personal front. The gist of various programmes that were held include Virtual CPE Meetings on topics like – FCRA, IBC, NRI Taxation, Central and State Incentive Scheme for Industries, on Intricacies of Search & Seizure Proceedings, Digital Asset Taxation, IT Security in CA's office, Life After Death (Succession Planning, Will, Family Trust), Handling Investigation Proceedings, Financial Tax Literacy program. There were various physical programs that were also organised during the month which included – Investor Awareness Program in association with Maharashtra Times, Financial & Tax Literacy program by DIPAM, Series of Health & Wellness Programs on the occasion of International Day of Yoga, National Outreach Programme for both members and students on the proposed new scheme of education & training for CA students, seminar on MSME & Start-ups.

On the students front, WICASA had been extremely vibrant as they too hosted plethora of events encompassing mock test for students appearing for their exams, national level CA student's elocution contest, co-hosting Investor Awareness Program, organising Indoor & Outdoor Sports Tournament, Half Day Seminar on Company Law, Industrial Visit to 3 different industries in a day at Buti-Bori MIDC, hosting cultural event WICASA got talent, etc. All the events went on extremely well as the team WICASA had taken immense efforts to reach out to students of all strata and levels such as Foundation, Intermediate & Final and ensured optimum participation.

Friends, this was the first time wherein your branch celebrated 1st July being CA Foundation Day by organising week long events starting from 27th June till 2nd July wherein each and every day there was a very engaging set of event and activity and there was a decent participation of over 500+ members along with their family members in various programs like from the Marathon & Indoor Sports, Tree Plantation Drive (Each One, Plant One), Financial & Tax Literacy Program, Healingyan, Reaching out to general public at large through Radio Channels, Health Check- up Camp, Blood Donation Drive, Covid Vaccination Drive, CA Day Flag Hoisting & Mega Cultural Event – Ek Shaam CA Ke Naam.

This edition of newsletter witnessed contribution from members who had been extremely experienced in their fields and had shared technical and other write ups right from their heart. I wish to thank the various contributors of this edition of the Newsletter, starting from CA Naresh Jakhotia for his joint editorial message, followed by various other contributors of articles on professional enrichment namely CA. Satish Sarda (Past Chairman), CA. Ajay Vaswani (Managing Committee Member), CA. Nitin Agrawal & CA. Sanket Gala.

Speaking about the quote at the very beginning, my guru exemplified this quote by living a life beyond anyone's imagination. He did things not for the sake of any records or recognition but with a noble purpose of serving the mankind and living beings around. He always believed in doing things for a larger cause and in that process his creations got noticed and highlighted as the motive was loud and clear of empathising and serving everyone.

Friends, continuing with my commitment that I will highlight key areas of the ongoing Leadership Series – 9 Legendary Lessons from the life of Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj, the series which started on 21st April has now taken the leap forward and has now reached the 7th week wherein the video session on – 'Going far with what you have' was released on 7th June was very articulately covered by Pujya Gyannayan Swami. Swamiji narrated a real-life story which encompassed the beautiful creation of his Guru Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj which is Swaminarayan Akshardham of New Delhi. Built upon 105 acres land this masterpiece was created in just 5 years with nearly 3 lakh ton of stones and with just around 7000 artisan's toiling day and night. He beautifully concluded by stating that how a spiritual guru spearheaded the entire project by going so far with whatever he had in creating one of most making artistic creations of recent times.

In the 8th week, the video started with an expert session by Prof Rajesh Pandit who has been a visiting faculty to the IIMs who spoke less about management and more about mismanagement. By mismanagement he referred to as allocation of time and resources to the goals which are actually king-size but not really followed by actions. He concluded by saying that Pramukh Swamiji exemplified this aspect by superbly allocation proper time and resources to his goals. Then came the next video of Mr. Rajat Shroff who is currently Vice President at Doordash – a US based Multinational Company. Mr. Shroff articulated very nicely of what he learnt from the life of Pramukh Swamiji. He categorically mentioned that he had learnt that we should hire smarter people than ourselves as that would lead us to our desired goal.

Coming on to week – 9, the same started on the aspect of self-mastery by Pujya Gyanvijay Swami who had been the convenor of this legendary series. His session was focussed on the first aspect of self-mastery which is morality. Excerpts from his session goes like this – Why to have self-mastery? Why is it so important? Since improvement always begins with “I”. To lead others, one must have this unique attribute of mastery oneself. By mastering oneself means to prioritise our time, resources, and people around us. Ethics or so-called morality are key to successful life and this was clearly demonstrated from the life of Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj who lead the gigantic BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha spread across 5 continents with morality.

Then came week – 10 which was continued by Pujya Guanvijay Swami who covered another beautiful topic from the life of Pramukh Swamiji on mastering emotions. He stated that humans are made of both positive and negative emotions and to understand others emotion in life what is meant by emotional intelligence. To lead a successful life most of the corporates now focus 70% on emotional quotient and just 30% on intelligent quotient before hiring any candidate. Its people with high EQ who take organisation to the next level.

Friends, those attending the series might have been able to re-capitulate from the excerpts what I had to convey. But others who haven't need to know what has been happening around and why this series has been launched by your branch and hence I had been writing this all. There is a lot in the series that I can narrate but I will not be able to justify everything in this small space here. Yet, I will keep sharing more on the series in the next editions. Till then Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

CA. Jitendra Saglani
Chairman - Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI

CA. Jitendra Saglani - Chairman
Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI