Chairman's Message  
My Dear Professional Colleagues

Dear Members, Let me wish you an incredibly happy Chartered Accountants Day to all of you!

Strong Belief
Over the 71 years long and illustrious journey of ICAI, members have faced innumerable challenges and roadblocks in their professional and personal lives. But each time, because of the required skills, we have overcome those challenges and came out more and more stronger.

Addresses by inspirational leaders of ICAI in the form of past presidents, in the earlier VCMs of Nagpur Branch, lend us one important gist. Gist is that, the professionals who completely converged into digitalization were able to effectively deal with the initial disruptions in professional lives caused due to the lockdown. Also, required services to the clients were duly and reasonably ensured. It is said that, when things are easy, go with the flow, many a times work favourably. But 'when we face challenges, we grow excellently.' This strong belief to my side coupled with the appreciating messages from members, inspire us in the committee, to take every possible effort in the matter of serving the cause of profession.

As professionals, it is crucial to keep ourselves updated with all the changes in the legal and professional environment. It is said that, Knowledge is Power and the same is being effectively proved when we strive to update with rapid changes in situation due to Covid 19, through Virtual Mode. In order to assist the members in updating their knowledge and continue their professional education, Nagpur Branch of ICAI with its continuing commitment to serve the fraternity, is organizing Virtual CPE Meetings. The Meetings are being planned to cover a host of subjects with best possible faculties of National repute to guide us. Also, I believe that, this year is going to be uniquely remembered for years together, because of gracious presence and guidance by many illustrious leaders including Hon. Past President CA Amarjit Chopra Sir and Central Council Members, in this month as well, like CA Dhiraj ji Khandelwal, CA Hansraj Chugh Sir and CA Kemisha ji Soni. Also gracing of Virtual Fellowship Meets by Swami Gyanvatsalji and Smt. Navneet Ravi Rana, Amravati, Hon. Member of Parliament, are worth memorizing.

Further, konnect beyond borders was once again effectively established, when two VCMs to explore opportunities for members at USA and UK, were organized with speakers from USA and former Chairperson of US Chapter of ICAI, CA Aradhana Aggarwal, CA Rakesh Jain and renowned speakers like CA Praveen Jain, USA and CA Mayur Sancheti, UK. Active participation of members of Nagpur Branch in the said events, was the key to success of the ventures of branch.

Career Counselling

Testing times are posing unique challenges for each and everyone in the country. Also, Nagpur Branch of ICAI through Career Counselling Committee and active members, is continuously taking efforts since years, to educate the students fraternity about the Chartered Accountancy Course. It is sincerely felt that the students need to be educated effectively to lend them due guidance for their career options including the very esteemed CA course. This is because, this year visits to colleges by counselors and other programs at schools / colleges are not there to make them aware about the same.

Further, with the continuing zeal to serve in this direction as well, Nagpur Branch with the help of equally dynamic WICASA Team, organized Career Counselling Programs for the benefit of students. Gracing the event by none other than CA Debashis Mitra, Hon. CCM and Chairman Board of Studies, is worth mentioning.

On Forthcoming Front
Because of required preventive measures to counter COVID-19, and more particulary in the wake of increasing cases of unfortunate infection, VCMs of due relevance and other events that are permissible, are ensured to be organized with subjects of due relevance and best possible faculties. At the cost of repetition, I wish to sincerely convey that the ‘commitment to serve’, is always going to prevail.

Change is the Only Constant
As is earlier conveyed, challenges in our lives are bound to be there. We probably have duly learnt now to adapt ourselves in the best manner possible. These testing times have enabled us to introspect and improvise ourselves in the best manner possible.

Further, as now the COVID Phase is affecting our lives since about 5 months, change from this phase, is bound to be there. I am confident that, soon we are going to get together through various effective occasions, to enrich our professional lives.

Sincere Wishes
This is to take opportunity to wish for ourselves, to effectively get through this unfortunate phase, at the earliest possible. Now, as the unfortunate cases of infection are on steep rise, we must commit ourselves to stay safe & healthy, for taking care of our responsibilities as a responsible family member, professional and citizen of India.

I remain.

CHAIRMAN - Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI

Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI